Can You Identify the Key to a Beautiful, Lasting Exterior Paint Finish?

Many people are surprised to learn that it isn’t found in using quality products alone, or proper application techniques (as important as those things are). The key to an enduring, beautiful finish is skilled, thorough surface preparation.

earthwise-house2Why Is Surface Preparation So Critical?

Pressure washing, scraping, stripping, sanding–it’s dirty, hard work. In fact, greater than fifty percent of the time spent working on a home’s exterior finish should be devoted to the removal of old paint. Surface prep is an area where painting contractors sometimes cut corners in an effort to hold down cost. In an unfortunate twist, while skimping on time spent preparing the surface may yield a lower estimate initially, it creates the need for more frequent painting. A cheaper project that lasts for four years is never a savings compared to a quality application that lasts for ten.

This kind of preparation is particularly important here in the Mid-West where we experience such a wide range of weather. Your exterior paint is a coating in motion, expanding during our blistering summer days and contracting with the dry, frigid air of winter. This causes cracking, peeling, and flaking. As a side note, determining the root causes of paint failure takes a mix of experience and analysis.  Problem Solving is a Repair-My-Home specialty.

While many painters cut corners by spending less time on preparation, we spend a large percentage of our time completely removing the old, dead layers of paint. Beautiful, lasting results are created by investing in a fresh start rather than building on a faulty foundation.

Bringing a Personal Touch to the Painting Process

As critical as surface prep may be, it is often the personalized care and attention to detail that our clients notice most.

  • Our crews tidy up thoroughly at the end of each day
  • Repair-My-Home painters never smoke on-site
  • We maintain a quiet, respectful work environment
We also work hard to protect your landscaping. Draping tarps and using ladders is inescapable, so we encourage you to point out areas of special concern beforehand. We are happy to schedule your work during a period within the growing season when our staging will have the least impact on your garden’s greenery.

Exterior Painting Serviceshouse

  • Pressure washing of exterior surfaces, decks, and walkways
  • Paint or stain finishes
  • Problematic surface analysis – peeling, bubbling, efflorescence
  • Caulking, sealing, and repair of trouble areas
  • Rotted wood restoration
  • Light carpentry
  • Window washing & glass replacement